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Puglia's Cocktail

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Our new challenge, a new Apulia cocktail.

During the first lockdown I was chatting with my mate Ivan (Photo above) about creating a new cocktail to reflect the Apulian style. Well it was not easy but we love challenges so we decided to ask our friends in Puglia for some suggestions.

Our first topic was what are the main Apulian liqueurs? We have to make this new cocktail with what Puglia produces. Limoncello is my favourite but it's quite sugary so Ivan suggested to be focus on Padre Peppe and Liquore di Alloro.

As second topic was the best fruit and/or garnish we use in Puglia and we know we love basil.

“Please help us to create a new cocktail Made in Puglia”

We wrote down some notes and we went deeper with our brainstorming session, of course we still need to improve our cocktail and we want to hear you about the name to choose (we have time until this summer) and we ending up with:


- Basil leafs

- 50 ml Malibu coconut rum

- 25 ml like juice

- 20 ml sugar syrup

- Stir on crushed ice

- Float of wholenut liqueur “Padre Peppe”

- Garnish with coconut and fresh basil

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