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Eat like the locals

Puglia is a region of farmers. The land is generally flat, with huge swathes of the countryside set aside for agriculture which produces over 40% of Italy’s olive oil. It’s also a huge producer of durum wheat, which has resulted in Puglia becoming the home of some of Italy’s most famous pasta dishes and breads.

The southern region has traditionally been a poor one, with cucina povera responsible for most Puglian dishes. Meat plays second fiddle to vegetables, while fish and seafood are enjoyed along Puglia’s coast.

Hearty baked dishes, simple plates of pasta and wilted wild greens such as chicory or cimi de rape are among the region’s most famous foods, while the rich string cheese burrata and bread from Altamura are enough to justify a direct trip to the area.

Take a look at the ingredients, flavours and dishes of Puglia to get a good grounding in the local cuisine.

Whether you’re visiting the region you will be able to cook “and eat” like a local.

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