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Welcome to my blog and welcome to Puglia. I have decided to create a list of my favourite beaches in Salento, Gulf of Taranto, Terra di Bari and Gargano, the four main beach areas in Puglia.

Visitors to Puglia will be amazed by the unspoilt nature of Italy’s heel. Centuries-old olive trees give way to whitewashed villages that wouldn’t look out of place on a Greek Island. Down the rural roads, you’ll find the unique Puglian architecture is a curious mix between tipi-topped Trulli and the rectangular robustness of the traditional Masseria. And the fresh flavours of the local food will leave sweet memories on your tongue long after you’ve departed.

But perhaps the best-kept secret is Puglia’s beaches. It shouldn’t really come as a surprise that the beaches in Puglia are among the best in Italy, with a big respect to Sardegna.

With the longest coastline in the country, bordered by the Adriatic Sea on one side and the Ionian Sea on the other, the swimming holes and beaches of Puglia are undoubtedly remarkable and they remain too-often ignored by foreign visitors.

In order to see the best of Puglia, I’d highly recommend hiring a car. Public transport will allow you to visit Puglia’s towns and cities, but to find the best secret beaches in Puglia you’re going to need your own car.

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