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Scuba Diving in Puglia

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

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For frequent travellers, Italy is viewed as a fantasy get-away for ardent scuba divers, it’s an unadulterated joy.

Maybe scuba diving in Italy is eclipsed by the rich coastal history?

However, the warm clear Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas make perfect spots for some of the best diving trips.

The best time to go scuba diving in Italy is from April to November. August is our peak season and can be crowded - it's popularity is understandable.

Why in Puglia?

Our abundant sea life, both flora and fauna will color your explorations with all sorts of emotions discovering caves, crannies and wreck dives.

We have 800 km of amazing crystalline waters which lap the Apulian beaches located between two seas, Ionian and Adriatic.

These are the 10 best places for diving in Puglia:

1. Otranto

Diving in this area gives always a great thrill for its great outstanding beauty. The intense, cobalt blue lights up the surroundings making an unforgettable atmosphere.

2. Torre Ovo

A unique place, found about 40 km south of Taranto. You’ll find millions of fossilised remains fully immersed in the sea.

3. Costa di Brindisi

In the area of the coast of Brindisi you’ll find several cargo ship wrecks. Those ones can be visited even by the less experienced divers.

4. Torre Canne

Here lies the wreck of the Gulten Islamoglu, a ship that sunk in 1994. What makes it so special is that the hull of the ship is still intact.

5. Porto Cesareo

In this area you’ll have the chance to meet eater turtles Caretta Caretta. The nature of the Salento coast will enhance the captivating sea caves you’ll find in this area.

6. Santa Maria di Leuca

All diving lovers absolutely can't miss Punta Meliso, the place where the Adriatic and Ionian sea meet each other.

7. Porto Badisco

Legend says that the bathing site south of Otranto was the first point of arrival for Enea on the run from Troy. Explore the unmissable beauty of in Porto Badisco’s sea beds.

8. Nardò

At about 300 mt from the coastline and at a depth of 23 mt, there is the Santa Caterina ship. Inside of it you will find some Greco-roman amphorae.

9. Isole Tremiti

Tremiti has crystal clean water and a very interesting seabed with walls and small caves. For sure, one of the best 10 places for diving on Puglia.

10. San Pietro in Bevagna

Emerald waters, with a seabed rich in flora and fauna make San Pietro in Bevagna the ideal place for diving.

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