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Cycling tour in Puglia from Monopoli to Matera in an unforgettable 3 days' trip

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

The distance between Monopoli and Matera is approximately 108 kilometres (67 miles) by road. The route typically takes you through scenic countryside and picturesque towns.

Together with our local guide will resume your ebike journey through the picturesque hills of Puglia.

The route will take you through rural landscapes, olive groves and vineyards of the famous Itria Valley offering an authentic overview of life in the Apulian countryside.

The guide will provide you with interesting information and anecdotes about local culture, history and gastronomy along the way.

Monopoli is a gorgeous coastal city not far from the airport. There are endless things to do in Monopoli to keep you busy. This charming place is filled with character and history with beautiful beaches.

We provide any transfer from Bari airport to any towns in Bari's province.

Rich in a thousand-year-old history, occupied successively by Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Normans, Puglia is welcoming you for an authentic cycling trip. Your journey begins in the Trulli region, where you can admire these famous little houses gleaming in Alberobello then lost in the wild in the green Valley of Itria. Peaceful country roads are taking you through olive groves and vineyards and through white and unique villages with a great charm.

Itinerary from Monopoli to Matera

Day 1

The first day starts in Monopoli, we will come to pick you up from your hotel and with our e-bikes we will cross its enchanting historic centre close to the coast, looking at the sea, before leaving it behind towards Alberobello.

Be aware that your luggages will be travelling with us using our van.

First stop: Aberobello

It will take 1 hour and 15 minutes (or 30 minutes) to reach the capital of the famous Trulli. These houses with roofs of dry stone mounted in a cone shape give a picturesque charm to the city, a World Heritage Site by Unesco. We suggest having a gelato while you will explore the centro storico.

After a couple of hours in Alberobello we will ride through the fertile Valley of Itria, surrounded by wooded hills, vineyards and huge olive groves. On the way, you cross white villages which will remind you of Greece.

We will take you through this area using unknown and typical roads.

Second stop: Noci

Genuine but elegant village and an excellent to bike ride with the Itria Valley Cycling Network.

Immersed in the silence of the countryside, surrounded by the green of the prairie and white trulli.

You will finally reach Noci, an enchanting village known for its quiet atmosphere and cobbled streets.

Here, participants will have the opportunity to relax in a welcoming hotel and enjoy a regenerating break, perhaps relaxing by the pool or sipping a drink in the internal courtyard, while waiting for the time for the unforgettable dinner to arrive.

The group will gather to enjoy traditional Apulian dishes prepared with fresh, local ingredients.

It will be a perfect time to share stories, make new friends and reflect on the adventure you had during the day.

Third stop: Gioia del Colle

The adventure resumes from Noci. After a briefing on the itinerary and a brief introduction to the new route, you will set off along the panoramic route on paths with very low density of car traffic.

Your local guide will guide you through hidden paths and quiet roads, making you discover hidden corners of this splendid region, in contact with nature and grazing animals who will pose for authentic photo shots with a gentle air.

Option 1

After an exciting ride, you will reach the pretty town of Gioia del Colle, famous for its majestic castle and the production of artisanal “mozzarella”.

You will visit an authentic local dairy store, where you can witness the production process and taste a selection of fresh and tasty dairy products, such as mozzarella, burrata and ricotta.

We recommend a short visit to the Archaeological Park of Monte Sannace, one of the most important indigenous sites of pre-Roman Peucezia. The settlement has yielded evidence referable to a very broad chronological period from the Iron Age to the early Roman imperial age.

As well as a visit to the castle of Frederick II, Roman emperor in the early 1200s.

Option 2

After an exciting ride, you will reach the pretty town of Gioia del Colle, famous for its majestic castle and the production of “primitivo” wine. You will visit an authentic local winery, where the sommelier will explain the secrets of the grapes and the production of this fine wine and taste a selection of wines from the cellar accompanied by typical gastronomy.

After the stop you will resume your ride towards the charming hotel, located a few kilometers from Gioia del Colle. Along the way, you will admire fields with vineyards.

Thanks to the assistance of the e-bikes, you can easily tackle even the most challenging climbs.

Your arrival will be greeted by the warmth of local hospitality.

Here a charming rural hotel will be waiting for you, surrounded by nature. You will have time to relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this picturesque village. You can explore the surroundings on foot or simply relax in the quiet countryside.

  • Monopoli to Alberobello

22 Km (13.6 miles)

  • Alberobello to Noci

15 Km (9.3 miles)

  • Noci to Gioia del Colle 29 Km

(18 miles)

We organize your experience:

  • e-bike

  • Transfer to Monopoli

  • Dinner in Monopoli on arrival

  • Overnight in Monopoli

  • Local Guide

  • Guided tour to Alberobello

  • Wine tasting with a visit to the celler to Gioia del Colle

  • Cooking Class in Gioia del Colle

  • Overnight and breakfast in a tent at the valley of donkeys

  • Ecursion in the farm of the horse murgese

  • Visit of Matera, Transfer from Matera

  • Dinner and overnight in Matera

Let us know how you prefer your bike tour

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