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Best Beaches in Gulf of Taranto, Puglia

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

The most beautiful beaches in Gulf of Taranto, perfect for everyone.

Welcome to my blog and welcome to Puglia. Below the list of my favourite beaches in Gulf of Taranto. A big thanks to Carlos Solito for this amazing picture.

Visitors to Puglia will be amazed by the unspoilt nature of Italy’s heel. Centuries-old olive trees give way to whitewashed villages that wouldn’t look out of place on a Greek Island. Down the rural roads, you’ll find the unique Puglian architecture is a curious mix between tipi-topped Trulli and the rectangular robustness of the traditional Masseria. And the fresh flavours of the local food will leave sweet memories on your tongue long after you’ve departed.

“Again in 2018, for the second time round, Puglia has received the prestigious award of “Best value travel destination in the world”. According to National Geographic, Puglia is in fact the most beautiful region of the world, matter of pride for all people leaving in Puglia and, in general, for all the Italians.”

In order to see the best of Puglia, I’d highly recommend hiring a car. Public transport will allow you to visit Puglia’s towns and cities, but to find the best secret beaches in Puglia you’re going to need your own car.

1. Marina di Pulsano

The cliffs and the soft sand of Marina di Pulsano invite bathers to dive in the clear and blue water of the Ionian Sea.

Marina di Pulsano, tickled by the crystal clear shades of the Ionian Sea, overlooks the Gulf of Taranto with its 8 kilometres long coast.

The coast is characterised by an alternation of cliffs and soft sandy coves, from Luogovivo to La Fontana, from Le Canne to Montedarena, from Ospedale Capparone to Lido Silvana, dominated by the tower Torre Castelluccia and embellished with junipers of the species called “coccolone” and with a rocky small island, which can be reached also swimming.

The beach of Marina di Pulsano, lapped by clean, clear and blue sea, is really large, sunny and well provided with accommodations and beach resorts. Its sea beds, almost with shallow water, are also perfect for family holidays.

2. Marina di Lizzano

Marina di Lizzano overlooks the clear Ionian Sea, which laps the Gulf of Taranto, stretches for 7 kilometres along Salento coastline, in the strip of coast between Marina di Pulsano and Torre Ovo.

After the town centre by the sea, as far as Torre Sgarrata, there are kilometres of large beaches with soft sand, lapped by the crystal clear and inviting sea.

The colour of the sand is so clear which the water, in particular during the days when blows the wind from the north, has Caribbean shades. The sea beds, mostly sandy and sloping down, are perfect to swim and bathe relaxing.

Long stretches of public beaches, alternate with the most famous and well-organised private ones along this Ionian coast, where, under the stars, the nightlife begins.

Just before Salento coastline appear dunes covered with the lush Mediterranean scrub, where there are protected plants such as a type of juniper, called “coccolone”. In some parts, amid the dunes there are small marshes and large pine forests with stone pines and holm oaks.

Everytime I go back home to Puglia Lizzano is always one of my first place to go, I love spending one full day around this area, the sea looks like a swimming pool.

3. Torre Rapillo

Torre Lapillo is a tourist resort situated on the Ionic coast of Salento, just a few kilometers from Porto Cesareo. There are beach resorts, apartments for rent, holiday homes, holiday villages, shops, restaurants and services of all kinds to host tourists.

The beaches are among the most popular on the Ionian coast and its colors are reminiscent of the distant exotic beaches. The cliff, however, offers good opportunities for fishing and snorkelling. Weather conditions, the geographic location and the natural characteristics make Torre Lapillo a good seaside resort for summer holidays.

The coast of Torre Lapillo stretches from Punta Prosciutto to Porto Cesareo with sandy coves alternating with stretches of low cliffs. The sand is white and fine. North of the town we find the Lido degli Angeli, while south the Bay of Torre Lapillo extends to one of the longest and most beautiful beaches of Salento, characterized by clear water. The rocky coast is low and the seabed is characterized by the typical coral reefs.

Behind the coastline, specifically close to the beaches, there are sand dunes, still appreciable and almost enchanting with their arboreal junipers.

Consider that this area is bordering Salento and I think it's worth giving the credit to Terra di Taranto.

4. Campomarino di Maruggio

The beach of Campomarino, nestled in the area of Maruggio, awarded 3 Sails (a flag awarded to the most beautiful beaches) of Legambiente (Italian environment protection association), is watched by the tower Torre delle Moline.

The proud of this place is the crystal clear sea with Caribbean shades, surrounded by high dunes with white sand, which stretch for kilometres on both sides of the town centre.

The beach, partly public and partly private, slopes down to the transparent sea beds, which are also good for beginners to dive, discovering the underwater world.

Campomarino boasts also a modern and welcoming tourist port, divided in two areas: that for fishermen’s boats and that for tourists, separated by a restaurant.

4. Marina di Ginosa

Marina di Ginosa is a frazione (a type of territorial subdivision in Italy) of the municipality of Ginosa. It is a seaside resort in Gulf of Taranto. Its inhabitant is called Marinese. It is also called Ginosa Marina.

It was originally called Ginosa Scalo for the presence of the railway station. It was also known as Stornara, because of the common starling many of which return in autumn, or Twenty-five for the location of the toll-booth at km 25 of the former SS580 (i.e. at its end) and the signalling control number.

In 1956 the village was given the official designation of Marina di Ginosa by the then President of the Republic.

Today Marina di Ginosa has a larger urban fabric than Ginosa City and it has a permanent population of about 5,000. Marina di Ginosa was severely hit by a flood in the night from 1 to 2 March 2011. There is not a proper night life in Ginosa but it's worthing to spend a day swimming in its splendid water.

5. Castellaneta Marina

Castellaneta Marina comes alive in the summer months, with bars, restaurants and cafés opening up along the seafront. There are some good resorts in this area and there is a big and a very cool disco open till early morning called Nafoura, you will have a great night with the best international djs.

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